Air Charter and Logistics Flight Follower

Job Description

Overview: The duties of the Flight Following Representative (FFR) fall under the Operations department, combining logistics skills with customer service, teamwork, and problem solving. The objective is to provide the client with operational updates through the course of a project, coordinate with vendors to ensure all operational requirements are carried out, advise of operational interruptions and their solutions, and anticipate potential areas of concern before they become major complications.

Detailed description: The FFR acts as the main point of interaction between the vendors/carriers, the company, and our client during active operations. All parties must be treated professionally and communication with the parties must be clear and accurate. The relationship building through an operation is as important as the operation itself, and an FFR is considered a key member of the sales life cycle. Maintaining strong relationships with vendors, cultivating new vendors to fill project needs, and demonstrating ACA's value to clients will be an everyday job responsibility.

Each operation is a custom built transportation solution, and the FFR must treat each one as unique. Requirements for operations will vary and the FFR must identify what requirements and metrics must be met for each one in coordination with the sales team. Clear note taking is important as operations are passed from one FFR to another through the course of a project.

Duties for an individual project can include collecting cargo or passenger information, confirming or performing permit and documentation processes, arranging ancillary services, verifying project milestones are being met, and collecting post operation documents and reports.

ACA International LLC provides transportation solutions for passengers and cargo for all industries as well as individuals. Custom transportation solutions carry an inherent risk due to their ad-hoc nature, and the FFR will be fully involved in the identification of problems and developing and implementing solutions to them. One of ACA's greatest assets is providing a steady presence in the chaotic situations that can cause the need for our services, or the ones that can arise during the course of these operations.

FFR Characteristics:

Multitasking several operations concurrently

Prioritize action items while treating each client as equally important

Build and maintain strong relationships with the vendors and clients

Understand and comply with aviation and logistics rules and standards

Strong problem-solving skills to anticipate potential problems and develop solutions to problems that arise


Required Skills:

Basic computer skills including but not limited to word processing, working with spreadsheets, compiling and editing PDF documents and web searching.

Excellent verbal and written communication in English

Problem solving mindset

Attention to detail

Ability to self-motivate alone and also work well in groups that may include ACA employees, vendors, and clients

Basic knowledge of world geography and its relationship to aviation and logistics

Working knowledge of time zones and UTC time

Strict confidentiality of client and company information

Additional Desirable Skills:

Fluent verbal and written communication in Spanish

Knowledge of cargo and passenger aircraft types and specifications

Knowledge of aviation and logistics terminology

Experience in aircraft charters, project logistics, or general logistics operations


Remote work is an option.

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