Air Charter Broker Associate

Job Description

Overview: The duties of the Aircraft Charter Broker (Broker) fall under the Sales department, combining logistics skills with customer service, teamwork, and problem solving. The objective is to develop custom aircraft charter solutions for clients to fulfill their needs for cargo or passenger transport. The Broker will present customized quotes based on client needs, and work to close the sale. The Broker will collaborate with upper management to identify market trends, develop sales strategies, and design new methodologies for a more effective sales pipeline.

Detailed description: The Broker develops customized charter quotes to existing and new clients. Clients are developed by the Business Development team, or cultivated from outside marketing and lead generation. The Broker could work with clients with a decade of experience with ACA, or they may be the first interaction point with ACA for a potential new client.

Relationship building is the most important part of the Broker's day to day activities. Clients decide to use ACA's services because of the expertise, attention to detail, and creative solutions we provide, as well as the strong bonds we foster in every interaction with a current or potential client. This relationship is built on the matching relationships we have with carriers and other vendors. The Broker will need to balance the needs and desires of both sides of the project, client and vendor.

ACA provides customized transportation solutions to the passenger and cargo market. Each market segment and each individual project will be unique in their requirements. The Broker must have the attention to detail necessary to extract all of the necessary project requirements from the client and develop those into a complete charter solution. The Broker needs to have the bandwidth to handle multiple clients and quote requests simultaneously which may have extremely different requirements. The Broker will have to prioritize tasks based on considerations such as vendor/client time zone.

Detailed note keeping is a must so that the operations team can translate the sale to a successful charter, and the Broker may be required to assist in the operation planning and execution stages. Travel is limited, but can be necessary to travel to visit clients, vendors, or to project sites during operations. After operations the Broker will follow up with clients to generate feedback and develop future sales opportunities with the client.

Broker Characteristics:

Multitasking several quotes concurrently

Prioritize action items while treating each client as equally important

Build and maintain strong relationships with the vendors and clients

Understand and comply with aviation and logistics rules and standards

Strong problem-solving skills to develop customized solutions


Required Skills:

Basic computer skills including but not limited to word processing, working with spreadsheets, compiling and editing PDF documents and web searching.

Excellent verbal and written communication in English

Problem solving mindset

Attention to detail

Ability to self-motivate alone and also work well in groups that may include ACA employees, vendors, and clients

Basic knowledge of world geography and its relationship to aviation and logistics

Working knowledge of time zones and UTC time

Strict confidentiality of client and company information

Additional Desirable Skills:

Fluent verbal and written communication in Spanish

Knowledge of cargo and passenger aircraft types and specifications

Knowledge of aviation and logistics terminology

Working knowledge of aircraft charters

Experience in aircraft charters, project logistics, or general logistics operations

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