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Who are we and what do we do? started of as a social media agency and grew 3-5X every year. Just last month we spent nearly $100,000 in social media advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram ads.

We have now started a live stream division and are already seeing massive traction with our strategies.

We have sold 250kg of durian, all the way to selling 2 Rolexes on live stream. We are now looking to scout for amazing talent for us to grow this business with.

This movement is also in partnership with Enterprise Singapore to help the retail sector revitalize their old school businesses. We have 200 companies that we will be helping in the next few months to go on live stream.

Basically we have a huge growth curve and now we are looking for A players to take charge and take accountability of our next phase of growth.

Our next phase will be building multiple niche channels: Luxury, Cars, Fashion, Food, Travel and more.

We will also be building our tech arm that will be handling the seamless integration of live streams, ecommerce and logistics.

We will be investing into a warehouse as well to handle our increasing orders and to speed up our fulfillment time.

What can you grow with us?

This is a traineeship accelerator to spot talent for my company’s expansion. We are expanding at a very fast pace and need strong co-founders to build up our different channels and business units.

I got this idea because my current co founder of my company worked for me as an intern after he graduated and became a co founder after 1-2 years.

We would now like to extend this opportunity to students or graduates that have an intense hunger to succeed and mature work ethic.

The truth is not everyone will do well in this programme, some of you will become A+ players and these are the people we will look to make co founders of our various channels and business units.

The rest of the participants will definitely have an extremely meaningful learning opportunity that can be counted towards your future experience and resume.

To be a startup founder you have to be willing to take the risk. Only those who are comfortable with calculated risk need apply.


- Have a chance to become a co founder after the traineeship in 6 months -2 years, depending on how fast you can gain traction.

- You can run initiatives and growth hacking with my company funds

- We will also provide you with manpower as you achieve scale

- We will invest into the startup if we see potential and co founder material in you.

- For those top candidates you will also be given equity and bonuses in the new business units or divisions.


- Do whatever it takes to move the start up forward. Every startup faces huge challenges and inertia in its early days. I went through this with my co founder and we understand what it feels like. We had to not only work hard and smart, but had the mentality that we would move heaven and earth in order to make things happen.

- You will be thrown into leadership roles after 1-2 weeks of training. You will receive mentorship throughout the entire accelerator. We will guide you but you have to be crazy driven yourself. We expect you to push yourself, and we will amplify your effort with our connections, funds, and staff.

- You will likely be managing one of our channels very quickly, so be prepared to run at a blitz pace.

- You will also be rotated into most of our job roles to get exposure to our business. After which we will ask you to choose your path and you will lead a team to achieve the start up goals set by you and your team. We will give guidance and push you where we feel you have potential to grow.

- There is a lot of work involved in bringing a startup to scale. We need you to be willing to work extremely hard.


- At least 6 months of commitment (This can be while you are studying) to see the startup and growth hacking phases.

- You Must have previous entrepreneurship inclination and projects, it doesn’t matter if it is a small scale project. (Eg: Part time sales role, E-commerce, some sort of monetization through any means and forms.)

- Maturity of thinking - we are looking for people who are focused, driven, smart and have the patience to build a real start up. We are not looking for the get rich quick type of people.

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