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There are plenty of technology consulting businesses in Australia. Some of them claim to service "Blue Chip clients". A few of them claim to be specialists in complex project delivery. A smaller group of them also claim to specialize in Digital transformation. We're one of the very few who can truly claim to be all three of these.

For the last 4 years, we've been going about our business without any fanfare or self-adulation. We've been focusing on the only thing that really matters to our clients, and that's delivery. When you get to the core of what clients want, it's predictable delivery, no surprises and knowing that they're in safe hands.

Our people are the type who thrive in solving technically challenging problems, generally at a largescale. The type of work we do affects business outcomes and helps deliver client strategies, so we're a group of people who take that seriously. We're less ping-pong tables and bean bags, more whiteboards and coffee. This is probably why customers come to us with their most complex problems.

Job Description

Our Delivery Engineers work at a deep technical level, providing guidance and hands-on expertise to ensure that client projects are delivered. Those projects would most likely be things like;

  • Some kind of technical migration.
  • A system upgrade of some kind.
  • An application integration and consolidation.
  • A data centre cloud/hybrid migration.
Our engineers will generally have expert level capability across a domain or product related to projects of this type. Typically these may be areas such as;
  • VMWare - Building and customising virtual applications for mixed Operating System environments. Evaluating hardware and software, including peripheral, output, and related equipment. Maintaining network security and ensuring compliance with security policies and procedures.
  • Wintel - installing and configuring the administrative tools of Microsoft, such as MDT, MBAM, SCOM, and others. Setting up, configure, handle, and upgrade Microsoft Windows Server versions, beginning from Server 2003 to Server 2016, in an organization.
  • Cloud Engineer - Implementing new cloud technologies like Amazon web services, public cloud or hybrid cloud and helping firms integrate them into their existing IT and network processes. Testing cloud integration projects in virtualized environments. Taking integration projects live. Designing innovative cloud-based solutions for telecom providers. Troubleshooting with the latest 5G and cloud-based telecom technologies
  • Data Centre Engineer - Designing and implementing data center networks using industry best practices. Helping to develop new best practices to improve operations. Performing installation and configuration of hardware in production and staging environments, such as network and storage equipment and Linux servers.
  • Network and Security Engineer - Performing installation and configuration of domains in an enterprise network environment. Implementing products such as Exchange 2003 services, performing administration of user accounts, configuring Active Directory and designed hierarchical structure using organizational units.


You may have noticed that we don't make lists of years of experience needed, or technical requirements. At this level, there's no point. If you need us to spell it all out for you then you're reading the wrong job ad. If you have a track record of delivery, can distil complexity and thrive in technically challenging enterprise environments, then we'd like to think there's value in a discussion.

Additional Information

You'll find the work stimulating and rewarding, and our people accepting and open. We're here to do our best work and deliver what was promised.

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