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In a constantly changing world, we work together with our people, clients and communities to enable them to fulfill their potential to do great things. We believe that by bringing everyone together, we can solve problems using innovative technology that can create a world that is sustainable and secure. At NTT, we encourage you to remain continuously curious, as that is what keeps you fast, flexible and relevant. No two days will be the same but that is what will help you grow and realize your full potential.

The power is in your hands to do great things. It’s time to lead the change, be the authentic you, to solve difficult challenges, to set the pace of change and to unleash your potential.  

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The primary objective of the Sales Specialist - Assigned Account is to promote technology domain-focused solutions within a practice or service area to drive expansion within assigned accounts in segments 1 and 2. This is done in such a way that is accessible by different stakeholders with different levels of technical expertise. They demonstrate Dimension Data’s capability and experience in the relevant practice area or service area – resulting in the expansion of existing client accounts.

They are specialists in a specific practice area or service area and will work on an assigned account. The Sales Specialist - Assigned Account displays an excellent level of industry knowledge, combined with commercial acumen, business strategy skills, and knowledge of sourcing models and market trends as well as in-depth understanding of the client’s business. This role is able to generate demand by assisting clients to identify and qualify current needs. They effectively articulate how Dimension Data can add value through its products and services solutions offerings.

Working at NTT

Primary Segment Focus
  • Existing clients
Secondary Segment Focus
  • New clients
Sales Process Involvement
  • Expand
Client Load
  • Existing: 15 – 30
  • Prospect: 0
Sales Time Allocation
  • Pre-sales: 30%
  • Engaged selling time: 35%
  • Sales completion: 20%
  • Sales facilitation: 15%
Solution Focus
  • Primary: Specialist in one of the following areas: CX and Digital Workplace, Digital Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Digital Business Solutions, Services 
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Internal : Strategic Client Managers, Major Client Managers
  • External : Clients, Vendors
Value Chain Linkage
  • TBC
Skills and Attributes

Sales pursuit

Identifies clients and buyers with problem the majority of DD solutions can solve. Understands the conditions where clients are open or ready to solve the problem with you and actively creates needs into DD opportunities to meet pipeline targets in SFDC. Proactively orders opportunities and balances reactive issues as necessary. Regularly updates and prioritises opportunities for all accounts throughout the year and appropriately allocates sales time between clients and opportunities. Highlights sales process plan risk areas throughout the entire sales process for ongoing monitoring during execution. Works with DD resources to help execute and advance the sales process. Prepares and runs negotiating meetings to achieve an objective. Maintains a neutral distance from conflicts that arise during negotiations. Independently negotiates opportunities and creates proposals that exceed clients’ expectations. Can present solutions and close deals with little internal DD help. Understands right time to close by identifying buying signals. Identifies areas for improvement in closing deals. Proactively pursues training and development. Comes prepared to client meetings with understanding of the target audience and the DD solutions that can reach that audience. Uses various opportunity tools (e.g. strategic opportunity plans) to clearly define expected ROI of a solution in order to develop trusting relationships. Able to co-create solutions with LoB buyers. Understands and states expectations of all the roles involved in the opportunity and how they work together in the sales process. Holds internal planning sessions before each client visit.

Client management

Creates near-term (<8 months) strategic account plans for most clients and performs against strategy. Adapts to challenges and plans for issues in order to achieve and exceed strategic client plans. Builds relationships quickly with high-value prospects and existing clients. Communicates with clients in a proactive and timely manner. Can demonstrate strong relationships with 1-2 IT buyers and each client.

Solution knowledge

Independently matches solutions to customer value areas and can have detailed discussions with stakeholders on all value propositions. Can confidently demonstrate cross-brand value propositions to the client. Becomes recognized internally as ago to resources for value propositions and helps in regular value proposition refinement.  Proactively researches weaknesses of/points of differentiation between DD and competitive product offerings and shares this knowledge with colleagues. Uses specific case studies to discuss the value of DD offerings. Shows advanced understanding of changes in technology and can answer questions in the moment about new developments. Can suggest partnership services offerings across multiple solutions based on client needs. Identifies clients with managed services potential and creates services opportunities by building business case to present to IT and LoB buyers. Matches a solution to a DD story/use case for the majority (3-4) of solutions. Brings in other DD internal resources for expertise in other solutions.

Resource optimization

Increases internal network to include strong relationships with other DD teams and some other internal business functions (accounting, marketing, sales leadership, etc). Can differentiate between the characteristics of effective and dysfunctional teams. Identifies when team is not working well and creates a documented plan with clear items to steer the team back in the right direction. Has strong working relationships with partners to provide support to clients. Understands how to identify the correct partners and how to use partner resources to increase DD sales volume through vendors..

Business acumen

Understands and work toward most critical success factors for a healthy pipeline (e.g. win rate, client buying process). Holds at least bi-weekly opportunity pipeline review meetings with his/her manager. Proactively builds and executes gap plans if pipeline predicts low sales target achievement. Can successfully identify commercial architecture opportunities. Can independently create high-level commercial architecture models. Relies on help from other internal DD roles only for very complex solutions. Understands existing contracts, new contracts that may materialize and what defines a typical contract. Relies on help from other internal DD roles only for very complex contracts. Shows adaptability to changing demands and deadlines.

Work Outputs

Achieve Sales

The Sales Specialist - Assigned Account is accountable for promoting technology domain-focused solutions within a practice area or service area to drive expansion with existing assigned accounts. This position aims to generate revenue and reach sales targets for a specified solution. This position contributes to the pre-sales process by working with Architects to create the best solution design for the client. The Sales Specialist – Assigned Account uses his/her relationship with clients to generate opportunities within the practice area or the service area. This position capitalises on their relationship with the client to lead the negotiation of deals. They aim to realise revenue and margin targets and exploit opportunities, whilst displaying notable client service orientation. These employees will ensure that useful solutions are discovered based on the client’s agenda and not their own opinion. They are able to conduct business conversations with the client that are solution usage and results orientated, focusing on why the offering is needed and how it can be used to meet the client’s needs. Sales Specialists - Assigned Account work according to the buyers’ deadlines to ensure that the buyers’ needs are always met. They work closely with vendors to understand their strategies for solutions and services, can articulate the roadmap, and associated impacts for clients.

Analyse client needs

The Sales Specialist – Assigned Account is required to use his/her knowledge of the specifications of the DD solution offerings to persuade clients that Dimension Data has the ability to provide the best service and costings. This role displays an outstanding level of industry related knowledge as well as an excellent knowledge of the client’s business in order to recommend the ideal domain specific solutions to satisfy the needs of the client, this enables this position to generate demand. These individuals are able to use probing questions and a conversational approach to explore and uncover the client’s needs. Sales Specialists – Assigned Account are commercially minded and will use their understanding of the client’s business and their depth of knowledge in the specific practice area or service area to personalise the recommended solution/s in line with the clients need.   They are able to demonstrate capability (features, advantages and benefits) at a detailed level, and offer unique perspectives and align insights to key client priorities and tie those insights back to Dimension Data’s unique differentiators.   They pre-empt stakeholder objections and influence the client to a favorable outcome. This employee has the client’s agenda in mind and can relate Dimension Data’s offerings to enable the buyer to visualise their need satisfaction, goal achievement and problem resolution. Sales Specialists – Assigned Account need to consider the availability of critical skills, industry compliance and risk to the client in combination with the service delivery and solution that is crafted.

Generate demand

The Sales Specialists – Assigned Account evaluates and considers opportunities as a potential buy and are able to discern when to withdraw from the sales engagement and when to pursue it. They will prospect for new opportunities within an account, asking tough qualification questions to best understand the client’s need and Dimension Data’s ability to meet this need. They are able to generate demand by assisting clients to identify current needs (turning clients’ implied needs into explicit needs), and then effectively articulate how Dimension Data can add value through the available services and solutions offerings. They leverage their specialist skills and knowledge of the practice area or service area to assist and influence the client at every stage of the buying cycle, and to position Dimension Data favorably compared to competitors. They have the ability to influence and work closely with vendors, partners and internal employees to achieve the required results.

They understand the competitive environment and can effectively pursue and select specific deals that will have a profitable result for Dimension Data. This is done by displaying knowledge of how the client’s opportunities align with Dimension Data’s strengths, the urgency drivers for the client and the client’s current relationship with Dimension Data.

Resource Co-Ordination

This employee works with subject matter experts throughout the Dimension Data business, to co-ordinate efficient product and services offerings deployment. The Sales Specialist – Assigned Account works collaboratively with Client Managers to ensure the successful sales closures and to develop and drive Dimension Data’s GTM sales strategy within the assigned account.

Relationship Management

This position is required to build relationships with the practice or service areas’ stakeholders and vendors to ensure consistent service delivery. The Sales Specialist - Assigned Account is responsible for supporting various sales teams in client facing activities, as well as finding new sales opportunities by owning direct client engagement.

Next career steps
  • Senior Sales Specialist – Assigned Accounts
Education Required
  • Degree in Technical or Sales Field
Certifications Required
  • Relevant Vendor certifications would be advantageous
Work Experience Required
  • 3 -5 years relevant sales account management experience working in a large IT Company
  • A good understanding of the vast range of IT operations and Dimension Data service offerings
  • Thorough experience in specialist (focus area) products and understanding of industry best practices
  • Demonstrated experience in working closely with a variety of relevant vendors
  • Proven sales and client engagement experience
  • Demonstrated business development experience with requisite understanding of relevant markets and market penetration strategies

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