Grocery Stocker

Job Description

  • Work time: 9am - 6pm
  • Work days: Tuesday to Saturday 
  • Off days for worker: Sunday and Monday 

The workers are there to replenish the products when needed and organize stocks both on store floor and in store.

CPF included.

A Grocery Stocker manages all aspects of the grocery department’s stock levels including taking inventory, replenishing products as needed, receiving incoming inventory and ensuring products are appropriately positioned. This job may also require some level of customer service, particularly if the Grocery Stocker is working during store hours.

In order to manage grocery inventory, a Grocery Stocker performs many different tasks. We analyzed job listings for Grocery Stockers in order to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Organize Department:

The Grocery Stocker is responsible for maintaining clean and orderly spaces. They must organize shelves both out on the store floor and in the back room. This includes managing returned product and misplaced items. They also mop, sweep floors, help with spills and generally ensure the store looks presentable for customers. Often they’re responsible for collecting organizing the carts in front of the store, as well.

Stock Shelves:

Grocery Stockers must assist in the receiving of product, as well as loading and unloading it in the back room. From there, they bring product out onto the floor in order to adequately stock the grocery shelves. They must refill displays and maintain inventory levels, checking products as they go for quality, freshness, damage, and price accuracy and resolving any product issues. They also assist in ordering specific products based on the needs of the store.

Ensure Display Standard Operating Procedures:

In order to ensure that inventory is displayed in a way that is compliant with standard operating procedures for both the store and the product manufacturer, the Grocery Stocker must oversee proper product placement, rotation, positioning, storage, and handling. They must display items according to manufacturer guidelines, and they’re usually responsible for building displays and endcaps as well.

Assist Customers:

Because Grocery Stockers are often a main point of contact for customers wandering aisles in search of specific product, they must have a vast knowledge of store product availability and location in order to provide these customers with assistance. They often act as customer service representatives for the store, answering any questions customers might have.

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