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In accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values, and strategic directions of PHSA safety, including both patient and employee safety, is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone at PHSA's Agencies/Divisions/Services, and as such, the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position.
Reporting to the Program Director, the Health Navigator is integral to the direct client service and community capacity building efforts of the PHSA Trans Care BC program. Working from a client-centred, trauma-informed care model, the Health Navigator works alongside clients to support health care system navigation and coordinate information and service access while remaining in close communication with the Trans Care BC Care Coordination Team, community-based service providers and relevant medical staff across BC to ensure access to services as close to home as possible. Where needed, Health Navigators have the capacity to provide brief supportive counselling to clients. Utilizing a health promotion, community development and capacity building approach, the Health Navigator proactively engages with service providers across the province providing consult and best-practice resources for the continued enhancement and development of local gender-affirming services that are reflective of the diverse needs of communities across BC. The Health Navigator is involved in other initiatives of Trans Care BC as appropriate including support to resource development, service provider training and community consultation initiatives.


1. Provides brief supportive counselling and information services to trans and gender diverse individuals, their families, supports and to groups. Establishes trust, confidentiality, credibility with community members, reviews referral information and case histories, interviews service providers, referral agents and other sources, determines risk factors for threats of harm to self and others, mental health issues and substance misuse. Maintains in-depth knowledge of gender affirming care pathways, gender affirming service options and care providers across the province to facilitate accurate information provision and referrals.
2. Works from a client-centered, client-choice based care model to coordinate referrals to gender affirming care, especially primary care, and social supports. Where clients have complex needs, facilitates holistic care planning and coordination of input from a range of different service providers to support best outcomes for clients. Referrals may support access to counselling services, income assistance, housing, legal support, food, education, immigration support, employment training, disability assistance, clinical case management, mental health and addictions services etc.
3. Participates in care coordination meetings and multidisciplinary case conferences as needed to support client access to care. Networks with service providers and builds collaborative relationships to support care planning.
4. Researches educational programs, services, practices and professional literature for application to local context. Maintains current knowledge of local, national and internationally gender affirming and trans health related resources. Stays informed on an expert level related to best- and emerging practices in the area of trans health and gender affirming care.
5. Provides educational materials, trainings, workshops, seminars and consultations for service providers, professional and administrative staff in various organizations, community groups and agencies. Monitors and evaluates education service offerings to ensure quality improvement.
6. Works alongside community members, community service providers and health service professionals to engage in community capacity building efforts with a focus on supporting and expanding local gender affirming service options and to support service enhancements. Networks to enable information sharing; serves as a resource/consultant to service providers already providing gender affirming services.
7. Promotes and facilitates community understanding of transgender issues; participates in programming related to trans cultural competency development and anti-stigma advocacy and awareness. Develops inter-agency, inter-ministry and community relationships, informs public of relevant issues through presentations at meetings, service clubs, agencies, private and public forums.
8. Maintains records in accordance with established procedures and policies, and prepares/maintains statistical data, correspondence reports and other documentation, as required. Provides an ongoing commitment to client services and continuous improvement to ensure enhanced client services and that services are provided in most effective way.
9. Participates on internal and external committees relevant to program services as directed by the Program Director. Participates in developing and implementing department work plans. Participates in professional development opportunities as required. Attends team meetings during regular working hours. Complies with Trans Care BC policies and procedures.
10. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education, Training and Experience

- Bachelor's Degree in a Social or Behavioural Science from a recognized program.

- Two years recent experience in the provision of gender affirming care for trans and gender diverse clients.
Skills and Abilities

- Knowledge of trans and gender diversity.

- Knowledge of and commitment to strengths-based, client-centred practice.

- Knowledge of community development, community health agencies and services.

- Knowledge of the range of service options available for the designated client population.

- Knowledge of solutions and strategies to reduce various barriers to care for the designated client population.

- Knowledge of facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution techniques.

- Demonstrated ability to work competently with the designated program/client population.

- Knowledge of health inequities faced by designated client population.

- Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain supportive, trusting and professional relationships with clients and their allies.

- Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

- Demonstrative ability to prepare and maintain a variety of charts, records and reports.

- Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

- Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize workload and adapt to a changing community.

- Demonstrated ability to plan and deliver in-service education sessions to lay and professional groups.

- Demonstrated ability to perform a range of needs assessments with both individuals/groups.

- Demonstrated skills in program development, community development and building partnerships among allied services providers.

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