KYC Analyst

Job Description

We are looking for people with various levels of KYC and compliance experience for roles within top tier investment banks. JDX Consulting are recruiting those who have recently entered the world of compliance, but also those with a vast amount of experience who could step up in to a QA or Team Lead position.

* Assist with the business and Relationship Managers in obtaining updated information and documentation required to meet legal and regulatory money laundering/terrorist financing requirements along with internal KYC requirements.
* Research clients from all corners of the globe to make sure the bank would not be liable for dealings with those working in terroristic organisations or criminal activity related to the laundering of funds.
* Analysis of documentation for high risk clients, focusing on legal entities such as SPVs, Trusts, Foundations, financial institutions and listed corporate clients.
* Engage with clients such as the above, in order to undertake due diligence and provide a clearer understanding of regulatory requirements.
* Conduct due diligence on both foreign and domestic entities to ascertain data points such as ownership and control to identify all ultimate beneficiaries, legal representatives and possible PEPs.
* Perform Screening for PEPS and Adverse Media; vetting the positive and false positive hits and recording the information in relevant places for on-going monitoring.

* Liaise with Relationship Managers to obtain documents not publically available or to mitigate screening hits with not enough information to discount.
* Enrich existing incomplete KYC records in accordance with corporate policy and standards.
* Responsible for identifying data conflicts and remediating to the standard.
* Liaise with internal clients to fully understand data content and ensure alignment.
* Notify relevant persons of customer profile changes i.e profiles requiring deactivation, name changes, risk rating changes.


Minimum Requirements:

Applicants should ideally have most or all of the following:


* Bachelors degree
* Ideally minimum of 1 year of relevant experience within the financial services industry in a role involving KYC, anywhere up to an established compliance professional
* Experience in handling and understanding large amounts of complex data
* Some knowledge of different technology and software solutions in data, management and analysis
* Experience in cleansing, analysing and summarising data
* Compliance qualification is an advantage
* Strong research and analytical skills
* Ability to work independently and also to liaise with other departments



* Data analysis and research
* Time management
* Organizational skills
* Familiar with various research methodologies and resources
* Understanding risk and compliance
* Business orientated
* Communication skills
* Very strong teamwork skills
* Excellent knowledge of MS Office Suite, strong Excel skills essential
* Good interpersonal skills
* Must have good planning and time management/prioritization skills

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