Lead Software Engineer - Regional Logistics Team

Lazada Singapore

Job Description

Who are we?

Under the umbrella of one of the largest e-commerce players in Southeast Asia, Lazada Regional Transport team offers a unique opportunity to change the logistic business in this region, in terms of optimization, localization and continuous improvement. We provide best-in-class vehicle routing and capacity management service for the business, alls to improve customer experience, reduce cost and lead time. - We are dealing with million-dollar problems every day!

- We aim high and grow fast. With new opportunities emerging every day, we emphasis on thought processes and continuous learning. - We work in many organically connected domains, so we need people from different backgrounds.

- We value local knowledge and local experience. We build things in Southeast Asia, for Southeast Asia. What will you work on?


As a veteran in this domain, you will work as part of a cross-function team that owns a few domains that together form transport intelligence. We manage how the logistics system works, and provide route plan for millions of parcels per day. Depending on your strength and preference, you may work on any of these following tasks:

  • Parse the addresses input by customer and translate them into accurate coordinates.

The address could have been written in any of the 6 SEA local language we operate in.

  • Predict driving times accurately for various vehicle types such as vans and motorcycles in different geographies.
  • Manage capacity nicely, both to customers and to our operation.

One-inch left, customer would have less choices; one-inch right, you might be spoiling our customers with our deficits!

  • Provide plan with optimal routes for multiple vehicles visiting a set of locations to enhance customer parcels delivery experience.
  • You are also expected to be leading technical projects and serve as a mentor to young talents within the team

Job Requirements
Who do we look for?

1. Proficient in at least one of the Object-Oriented programming languages, preferably Java, with at least 5 years of experience. Knowledge about functional computing and reactive programming is a good plus. 2. Experienced with large scale, high performance, high throughput and high reliability system development.

3. Understands modern testing technologies and methodologies. Believes in BDD and TDD. 4. Be able to design from a product requirement, and good problem solving skills

5. Have a clear and fluid communication style when articulating your ideas, to tech and non-tech stakeholders 6. Have an open mind and ever-ready to learn new technologies, and new domains. Good to haves:  Experience with agile project management  Experience on big data analysis, data modelling and sense making tasks, preferably with Python.

 Experience with stream processing engines, such as Apache Flink.  Proficient in one other SEA language aside from English

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