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Responsible for negotiating, structuring, and/or administrating contractual documents that establish business relationships with vendors, customers and/or partners. Works with sales and service teams as well as the legal department to structure contracts. Analyzes contracts to ensure compliance to company policy, government specifications and other requirements.

Working at NTT

Senior Commercial Managers are the expert level commercial management job in NTT Ltd. Senior Commercial Managers are part of region or in-country operations where they take the financial/commercial lead across multiple Business Units or NTT Ltd brands for medium to high level complexity bids for clients.

Senior Commercial Managers support the commercial architecture of deals and pricing in order to win the deal. The Senior Commercial Manager ensures that contracts and projects sold by NTT Ltd result in sustainable profit for the organisation. They achieve this objective by collaborating with other NTT Ltd stakeholders in the preparation, tracking and general management of the commercial aspects and financial strategy of client contracts.

Senior Commercial Managers take the responsibility for preparing the commercial parts of sales proposals for submission to clients. They consolidate, analyse and review the pricing and costing of deals in a manner that will ensure maximum benefit and minimum risk for NTT Ltd. Senior Commercial Managers ensure the accuracy and alignment of costing and pricing of proposals.

The Senior Commercial Manager will also work with the Business Development Manager and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to compile and build pricing models for specific client proposals. Where these pricing models are constructed, they develop standardised pricing models that reflect the services catalogue of NTT Ltd.

Where colleagues contributed to the pricing and costing information, they review the pricing and costing to ensure that what was provided is defendable and acceptable. This review includes providing a commercial summary, benefits, internal margin sharing, financial options and assumptions and the Senior Commercial Managers consolidates this into the client’s template.

They present key pricing assumptions and risks for sign off at relevant levels, in line with the authority matrix. These individuals contribute to the commercial management strategy and are capable of evaluating deal costs and margin as it evolves through the process.

Senior Commercial Managers take accountability for the provision of data analysis and with the development of cost/price proposals.

Senior Commercial Managers ensure that client proposals and contract clearly incorporate the NTT Ltd necessary terms and conditions for optimal commercial and financial engagements. They are required to determine what those terms and conditions consists of. They work closely and negotiate with financial institutions to structure client financing models to meet client needs.

Where the various Business Units provide hardware, standard terms and conditions in the form of a master service agreement are included in the negotiation. At times, clients provide their own terms and conditions and these are negotiated in the bid phase.

The Senior Commercial Manager also engages with and leverages off relationships between NTT Ltd and vendors and/or subcontractors and strategic alliances, including the Legal Team during the conception, construction and review of client proposals, soliciting information and resolving queries. They display a strong client and service orientation to internal and external clients and are able to engage with vendor owners.

They determine the commercial aspects of and provide input into the qualification of tenders and presales engagements. They calculate the long term profit of deals, evaluating and concluding on foreign currency issues and the impacts of these both financially and contractually. In so doing, he/she ensures deal profitability is not eroded over time.

The Senior Commercial Manager takes ownership of the taxation implications of deals and bids ensuring that deal profitability is maximised. They evaluate and conclude on all tax issues and risks ensuring that there is no indirect tax inefficiency in respect of deal structuring. They consider inflationary movements and cost of living issues, ensuring that this does not impact negatively on deal profitability over the long term.

Taxation implications are addressed with relevant input from the global and guidance and input from relevant senior specialists in the business.

Individuals in this role ensure that is no ambiguity in respect of support and maintenance for vendor product warranties. They ensure that product warranties offered by vendors flow down to clients. They assist with and are at times involved in pre-sales process, negotiating vendor pricing and terms and conditions, mitigating risk and exposure in respect of these third parties. In the ES environment, the Senior Commercial Manager’s responsibility in relation to vendor warranties is to ensure that these are considered and co-ordinated in the construction of deals but is then handed over to the account manager to manage.

He/she evaluates and concludes on invoicing profiles and payment terms and related impacts. They take responsibility for ensuring that deal cash flows regarding payments to vendors and receipts from clients are understood and maximised. They advise on the build of pricing model profiles as required and financially assess client requirements and related pricing impacts. Senior Commercial Managers in NTT Ltd perform an impact analysis on these profiles and ensure that the credit worthiness of the client is adequately addressed. In the ES environment, the pricing impacts will extend to cash flow impacts for the client in terms of leasing or full payment.

Senior Commercial Managers critically evaluate financing, leasing and accounting impacts of deals. They ensure that deals take advantage of and consider revenue recognition in line with NTT Ltd policies. They ensure that accounting policies are understood by all relevant stakeholders, maximising and protecting margins and group metrics.

They assist with/lead or participate in the negotiation of deals with clients. They provide assistance in the form of interpretation and advice to the account management team to enable conclusion of the deal. The Senior Commercial Manager advises on, identifies and mitigates risk impacts relating to deals, including:

  • The commercial viability of the opportunity
  • Duration of the contract and the legal processes in relation to the structure of  the contract and Service Level Agreement
  • Service credit and liquidated damages 
  • Delivery capability relevant to client requirements
  • Incorporation of subcontractors and deal partners

Senior Commercial Managers perform detailed commercial contractual and financial analysis on existing clients and complex sales opportunities. They evaluate and decide whether opportunities are and continue to be commercially viable. They evaluate and contribute to the financial strategy of deals, i.e. the value add for the client , including conducting a competitor analysis to ensure the best offering and differentiating NTT Ltd from the competitor.

Senior Commercial Managers takes ownership of compliance and mitigate risks in terms of penalties, contract termination, building agreements, limitation of liability and non-solicitation for bids and/or deals and provide feedback to the key stakeholders regarding these.

They collaborate with stakeholders and arbitrate between various functions, regions and divisions internally within NTT Ltd. They use their well-developed understanding of various business principles and apply these to the solutions devised. They require extensive knowledge of NTT Ltd’s operating methods and services. They also need to understand and advise on local operating, commercial and general business conditions. 

They act as people managers for a group of Commercial Managers. They partner with the organisation to attract the right talent and ensure that their team is staffed according to requirements and that all team members are fully utilised. They ensure that employees reporting into them are engaged and understand their career opportunities, by taking responsibility for the development and training of their direct reports. He/she ensures that the team is rewarded and remunerated according to their performance. The Senior Commercial Manager ensures that his/her team has access to the relevant commercial management tools and have the general means to perform their jobs.

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Standard career level descriptor for job level:
• Have broad expertise, uses skills to achieve goals in creative and effective ways
• Works on significant issues
• Creates formal networks involving coordination among groups
• Exercises independent judgment in methods, techniques and evaluation criteria to obtain results
• May supervise the activities of others
• Typically requires extensive related experience with a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree; or extensive experience and a Master’s or equivalent degree; or a PhD or equivalent with moderate experience; or equivalent experience

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