Volunteer Marketing Strategy Consultant for Castor Air 2 Electricity Water Solutions Inc.

Job Description

Castor Air 2 Electricity & Water Solutions Inc. is seeking skilled volunteer
support through Taproot Plus. Taproot Plus is an online platform that connects
nonprofits to professionals seeking strong opportunities to volunteer their
talent for good. All Taproot Plus projects are vetted and once Castor Air 2
Electricity & Water Solutions Inc. selects a volunteer applicant, Taproot Plus
will provide resources and support to help make the project a success.


If you would like to learn more about this organization and project, please
follow the apply link to schedule a preliminary call with a representative of
the organization.


We are a scientific 501c3 nonprofit with a forprofit sister arm that
researches, develops, educates on and implements onsite energy and water
solutions for disaster relief areas and areas around the world without reliable
access to energy and water. We are combating climate change innovatively with
our patent-pending, NASA-recognized onsite energy and water solution, named the
Air to Electricity and Water Microgrid, an energy and water solution that works
with renewables and onsite 24/7-accessible air to produce high density
electricity and harvest airborne water for hydrating purposes. Scalable in
size, our energy and water system can be scaled to support villages, power
homes, and give community water to support agriculture.

Crowdfunding link -

Marketing Strategy - Crowdfunding marketing strategy

We are currently crowdfunding for our 501c3 nonprofit at the moment:

Crowdfunding link -


Please help our cause with social media support or other marketing support for
our crowdfunding campaign. Combating climate change is key to saving our
environment as well as ourselves from famine, droughts, stronger and frequent
hurricanes, and rising temperatures as well as rising ocean levels. Releasing
more CO2 from oil, coal and natural gas into our atmosphere has taken its toll
on our energy and water. The unique value proposition of my organization s
onsite energy and water solution is that it can manipulate and store 24/7-
accessible, high density energy air to produce high density electricity, day or
night and in any weather condition, while simultaneously harvesting airborne
moisture or water for hydrating purposes. This cheaper global-level solution
can be a gamechanger to everyone with both energy and water needs, which is
society as a whole. Please assist us in all aspects, including business
planning, social media promoting, fundraising, financing, and project
* We have connected with both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
New York University Tandon School of Engineering laboratory to collect
more data to refine the project and perform the lab-to-market. We already
have a Memorandum of Understanding in place with NYU.
* We have a patent-pending attorney on standby to submit patent
applications in foreign patent offices
* We have applied to a local energy incubator for membership and connecting
with their network, as well as business mentoring
* The local incubator will connect us with manufacturing partners
* We will obtain the small trinkets from our crowdfunding campaign - water
bottle, solar keychain, logo t-shirt,etc. - through Etsy
Upon securing donations through fundraising and obtaining services through your
pro bono network, we can plan accordingly and execute all deliverables. Please
support us!

This project can be done remotely.
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