Hard To Talk: Salary Raise

Hard To Talk: Salary Raise

It's the end of the year and performance talks are coming up. Although it is not easy to ask for a salary increase, you do not have to be stressed out in such a situation. If you believe you are dedicated and effective, you should know that you deserve a raise. If you are not satisfied with your salary and expect a raise, we have some suggestions for you!

Learn Your Worth

Before you apply for an increase, get to learn how much people earn in similar positions.


Salary is often negotiated in performance interviews. After an overall assessment of the manager and the employee both anticipate their expectations. This is the most appropriate setting for you to talk about your achievements and express your needs.

Get Ready

Your supervisor can ask you many questions during the performance meeting. Try predicting what these questions would be and get the answers ready for the interview. Smart answers will have a positive effect on the counterparty.

Results Talk


No pain, no gain! Therefore, you can be disappointed if you don’t justify your expectations to the value you added to your company. So try to improve your performance and keep a record your results throughout the year. When the day of the interview comes, emphasize your success and the value that you add to the company. Your salary increase will be more satisfactory. Remember that you need to present your results as more measurable results.

Plan B

Sometimes you do not want to list all your expectations in one single day. If this is the case, it is necessary to spread process over time to reach the goal. For example; salary negotiations can be conducted once or twice a year in the company you work for. If you know these times, you can tell your supervisor that you expect to be admitted before that time. You can also find a clue to the manager's ideas. This will allow you to give your manager the time he needs to increase at the rate you choose.